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I understand from Scratch that the rain has perked up the fishing in the NSR.

You may not have to go far afield to have some fun. :fishing:

I, on the other hand, will be going far afield, :clap:

leaving my nephew in charge of the house and cat. :whip:

I've already got a day booked on the Tongariro with Derek Burtenshaw

of the Hamilton Anglers Society, possibly with my buddy John Pellew along.

We're expecting rain for that too. :cheers:

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Caught 175 Brookies up in K-Country. The rain and high country was a welcome relief from the heat wave.


It didn't hurt the Green Drake and PMD hatches either. Can you say "Super Hatch" -- photos forthcoming... still drying out (my liver). :)

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Sounds like you had a great trip...Brookies are beautifull little critters. Looking forward to seeing the pics.





Have fun big guy..send us the odd photo eh and please Dave please...watch out for the cows.


Have a good and safe trip.



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