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Still alive and goin fishing!


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Hey guys...how is everyone? I am alive and kicking but life has been a challenge lately but now that my life is all straightened out I am GOIN FISHIN! :clap: We are going to be heading out to the Trunk Road on Sunday for 3 weeks of sun and troutin' :fishing: and I have a question. Has anyone ever fished Rock Lake just off of highway 40, northwest of Hinton? I looks like it would be a great place to go but as of yet I haven't found anyone that has been there and have no idea what the fishing is really like. :blink: We are going to be haulin the trailer too so I am wondering if anyone knows what the road up there is like. Any information would be much appreciated and it would be nice to hear from someone even though I have been the one sooo unsociable. I apologize for not showing up at the meetings but the fall holds bigger and better things for me so I will be there! Looking forward to hearing a response from someone! Talk to ya soon!


Rena :vdaylove::fish_jump:

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I have not been there for many years but I'll tell you what I know.


What I know.


1. A beautiful Lake indeed.

2. Lakers, Pike, and possibly a few Rainbows.

3. Best in the early spring and late fall when the Lakers can cruise the shallows and still have cold water.

4. Creek that drains out can be good for small Rockies.

5. Reportedly tough fishing during the heat of summer.


What I don't know.


1. Road conditions (it was good 20 years ago, I've seen RV's in the campground)



Hope this Helps,


Shan Denny

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Nice to see you back Rena. I too have been to Rock Lake. As Shan said beautiful lake. The camp grounds not to bad. I've not done much fishing in the lake itself. I have fished the river a bit. It can be good for white along with small rainbows. I did catch a cutt also. I asked the Ranger how that would be and he really didn't have an answer. There are several good rivers along the trunk road in that area so don't tie yourself down. You have the Berland & Little Berland, Wild Hay along with the Muskeg. If you want a chance at a big bull thats the one to try both above & below the falls. also some good grayling fishing. As for the road it was okay the last time in but that was a few years ago. Can be a bit of a go when wet.


Lots of good hiking in the area.


Hope this helps


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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Thanks sooo much for all of your information! :clap: I think we have decided to check it out and I will let you know how it goes. We are going to check out some stream fishing as well starting at Swan Lake and working our way up the Trunk. I am really looking forward to it and keeping my fingers crossed that I can catch that elusive BIG one! :fishing: As I said I will let you know how it goes and here's wishing all of you GREAT fishing!



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