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Hi folks. Just joined the forum last night & figured I'd say a bit about myself. I've lived in all 3 Maritime provinces & fished them all. I started tying flies a year after I started flyfishing, and it's been all downhill from there. A few flies & thousands of dollars later, my house looks like a tornado hit a Vegas Showgirls' dressing room.LOL. I delved into classic salmon flies about 10 yrs ago, and found something I really had a liking for.Not that I'm really good at it, but it's one of the only things I've had patience for. A lot of my work gets donated to worthwhile conservation organizations, and I've sent flies everywhere from Iceland,Japan,Scotland &Switzerland.

Recently, author Don MacLean (Eastern Woods & Waters,FlyTyer,Canadian FlyFisher) has mentioned me in his new book, "A Little Something I Tied Myself" along with 20 others in Eastern Canada. It's kind of funny in our flytying world, that I know probably about half the folks Don wrote about in the book.Talk about a SMALL world.

I fish mainly for trout, but there's a lake closeby that gets thrashed over for smallies & chain pickerel.My biggest pickerel to date has been 24 1/2",and smallie at 3 1/2 lbs on the fly. I hope to tackle stripers on the fly very soon,and shad as well next season.Within an hour of my door, I have some world class waters, with brown & speckled trout, Atlantic salmon,landlocked salmon,lake trout, shad, stripers, smallies, and chain pickerel all available. A few goldfish have been hauled in along the way as well. Thanks all & tight lines!! Jamie Webb


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