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Darren moves to Ontario


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Darren or better known as Pacres is moving to Ontario at the end of this month. The center of the universe will now receive not only a great fly tyer or fisherman but a great guy as well. He will now have to hone his fishing expertise to bass,crappie, bluegills and then to steelhead and salmon. I know that even though you will be 3000 miles away that the internet will keep you in touch with all your buddies here at nlft.org. Thank you for all you contributions over the past years to the club and its members. Darren best of luck to you and yours in your new environment.

Brian B.

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Sorry I didn't make it out for a beer on Wed night , Darren. I didn't realize it was your last meeting, must have been busy tying..... So ,,, SO ENJOY LIFES PLEASURES IN DARRENS TENT and keep us informed on all of your fishy outings from the center of the universe, GOOD ON YA BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clap::fishing::fish_jump::cheers:

You never know when someone comes knocken at your door,,, WITH A FLY FISHEN ROD, JUST A WANTIN SOME SECRETS :ph34r::ph34r::D




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Darren I to wish you all the best I thank you like Brain for all you have done for the NLFT&F. You were one of the main reasons for the success of our Web page. Your fly tying and flyfishig expertise will be miss.


Have a great time in Ont. & wish you all the best in your new venture. Keep us in formed on your fishing experinces.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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