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Nicknames personal rant & Fishing report:


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I have to agree with Scratch and Grizz.....the days of living a bucolic life are fast slipping away, if they're not entirely gone now. As mentioned, it's no longer a far fetched idea that "someone" would collect personal information about you, for reasons you didn't personally authorize. Additionally, by simply scanning these posts you can see that a group of members were meeting to go fishing last weekend....people out of town, away from their homes.


I tend not to advertise my comings and goings in both my personal and my business life, which is my choice. Do any of you advertise that fact that you will be away from home on business travel or vacation over a public bulletin board? How much information is too much for the "web"? Is this paranoia? Living in fear? Whatever you wish to call it, it is a widely held position amongst the majority of people these days, and is a sad comment on our communities and our society.


I understand that Wally cannot possibly make it to every single club meeting to be able to put a face to all the names/signatures/avatars, nor can many of us. I'm a relatively new member, having only joined this past May, and many of you don't know me from Adam. I have introduced myself to some of you at the regular meetings using my given name rather than my log-in which is proper for a face to face introduction, but for correspondence over the "web" using an "alias" allows me a bit of a firewall between myself and someone I've yet to meet and form an opinion of. I know that doesn't sound very warm or "Canadian" but that is today's reality.


Maybe Ranger Bob can devise a "uber-nerd" solution to give all a sense of security....? :lol:


Until that happens I'll continue using my alias on the site... but if I come across someone in Edson or elsewhere wearing NLFT gear you can bet I'll come over and introduce myself.

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Maybe Ranger Bob can devise a "uber-nerd" solution to give all a sense of security....?  :lol:

One could always "pull the plug" but what fun would that be then?


Oh well, I'm still on vacation... off to K-Country to hunt down some brookies at Cataract Ck.





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I would like to open this topic back up if I may. Im like scratch on this topic "sitting on the fence." It sounds like (correct me if I'm wrong) that Wally would like to open up the comraderie and "homey" feel of being part of a club by knowing each member somewhat on a personal basis. However, I feel that you should consider the security info. of posting certain things about yourself on the internet. Wally, when this website was first started with the forum the members that joined were given the option of posting a personal profile of themselves and what flyfishing means to them. Only about a half a dozen people created one, which maybe indicated that people are reluctant to post that much information about themselves. Perhaps that option of creating a persoanl profile on the NLFT website could be opened up again? At this time though I don't think it hurts to maybe sign off your posts with your first name after your online alias.





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