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Pontoon boats

No bites Mike

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1st you have to decide if you want a River boat, or a lake boat.... River boats are not as easy to handle on lakes.... you expell alot of excess energy when rowing due to the banana shape of the pontoons.... on the other hand... a lake boat is not as manouverable on a river due to the long flat pontoons.... If you looking for a lake boat in the 6-9 range check out the Water skeeter Spey cast(I have one) or the Outcast discovery 9 or the 8 foot model. I definately prefer the molded seats that both these have. They both have motor mounts. If youre looking for a river model, check out the River runner by Water skeeter.... a friend of mine has one and he likes it... ut a gain he finds it a little hard to row because he rocks back and forth with each stroke of the oar due to the curve of the pontoons.... If you ar looking for a great hybrid, check out the River guide series from Water skeeter.... Long flat pontoons, But big curves for the river... Its 10' long though, but has a removable casting platform..... Another friend of mine just ordered a 10' pt boat form cabelas. It also has a removeable platform, or better yet the platform slides under the seat when not in use....


Both of these boats are in the $1200.00 range. The second one, I dont remember the name of it, so you will have to look for yourself if interested at www.Cabela's.com


HOpe that helps some....If you have any more Q's about the Water skeeters feel free to ask. Rangerbob has a Outcast, and I'm sure he'll answer any Q's on that one too....


Best piece fo advice, is buy wisely, and dont cheap out, or you will regret it....





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I beg to differ. I switched to long flat tubes from tubes with extreme rocker for river work. The rocker tubes turn well but float lower in the water [some rivers I float are thin occasionally]. Further, do to the extreme pointed ends, the floatation doesn't take over as quickly. I've had occasions when the pointy end of the pontoon contacted the bottom on the rocker style when dropping into a bog hole. The flat tubes - not yet.

And the best part, for old and outta shape guys, flat tubes row easier. You won't need a motor and save yourself the grief of batteries and weight. Plus the exercise is not a bad thing.

I generally spend about 80>100 days a year in a pontoon boat.


catch ya'




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I made a point of getting over to Wholesale today to look at the Skeeter models, including the Spey Cast - it was impressive. I liked their anchor system better than the Outcast models. A few different options (like seat padding), maybe a larger rear rack and I think it would do the trick. Nothing some part swapping and time with the welder couldn't fix.


Thanks for the tip Richard...

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no problem.... Hope you enjoy which ever one you choose





Don A: You have found that the River boats are not all their cracked up to be and the lake boats work fine in the river? I just know that the river boats dont row worth a damn on the flat water.... the look more like rocking chairs than pt boats...


catch ya later

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