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Rainbow Trout fishing in Southern BC


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I'm planning on spending my holidays touring around the interior of Southern BC in mid June. All the sites I find are for guided tours. I can't find any web sites that discribe the lakes, rivers and reports on recent catches, directions on how to access them, camp sites, forestry roads, etc. I'm looking for the smaller less fished lakes & streams where I can fly fish for rainbows in relatively quiet surroundings. Does anyone know of any web sites? :fishing:

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Thanks TT. I gather from you reply that there is a rod fee on that river? What were you using for fly's? Any method work better that others?

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For my solo adventure to the ST Mary's I stopped at a local fly shop in the town/city that is close to the St. Mary's......They steered me towards a big orange stimulator, Adams for use there.........They pointed out to me when searching for a spot on the ST mary's to fish it is best to park on the road and hike down to the river as alot of the trails even thought they appear well used are dead ends with not enough space to turn around........


The bull river, I fished with a small group locals and was sworn to consider the area a tight hole...... :( .........but a green humpty whas the fly of choice that day..


Happy fishing :fishing:


TT :blink:

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