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Club Membership #'s


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Hey Guys


I just finished up-dating our club membership and I'm pleased to say that as of to-days date we are up to 110 members.


A big hearty welcome to all of our new members and we look forward to seeing all of you at our club meetings and our club outings.




PS - A copy of our new list will be emailed to the executive by tomorrow morning.

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I havw three new membrships for you frpm Saturday as well.

they will need cards adnnametages.

I'll have to bring the forms in two weeks as I'm going to game 6 this week

Dave R

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Have fun at game 6...Some how I don't think there will be much of a turnout at this weeks meeting.


Now you have to do something for me...what the hell is a "adnnametages"?



I dunno.. Mikey D's magic show has me pretty intrugued. If he sings and dances too.. I'll be there.




PS - I'll print copies of the new membership list to hand out on Wednesday to those that show... uhm.. 6 copies then? :D


PPS - 'adnnametages' that's Daviambic Cryptospeak for 'and name tags'.


K, off to the exec meeting now. TTFN!

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