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Ashland Reservoir


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Hey Skipper! I have fish this water a little bit , flooded creek area . I took my nephew's from Uncle's at Large , and each caught their first trout from that water . They weren't large ,but the kids enjoyed it. Stories of ANACONDA :rolleyes: came from the mouth of my older nephew trying to frighten the younger nephew :( . The surroundings can make it look a bit creepy. :ph34r::devil: Didn't work the younger kid didn't show signs of being scared :beating: anyway we had fun. Good luck out there!!!! :fishing::fish_jump:

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Didn't know you were an "Uncle"

We'll have to exchange notes.

My "nephew" David will be 40 soon.

I was assigned him when he was 9.

I don't see him too much these days as he now lives in London Ont.

Ufortunately his mom passed away recently

so will see him a bit as he comes out to wind up her affairs and sell the house.

The relationship has been very rewarding both ways

and has helped us both through some tough life events.

I'd recommend the program to anybody.

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