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Beginner Casting Seminar

dave robinson

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The members only beginner casting seminar will go on Saturday, May 13, rain or shine.

We will meet at the far west end of Rundle Park in the parking lot.

For those who want to join us earlier for breakfast,

some of us will be meeting at the Beverly Crest in the restaurant at 8:30 am.

Look for BRain Hepperle, Dave Robinson and Bob Guidos.

Bring your $5 plus rod, reel and line and clothing suitalbe for being out in the fresh air all day.

A wide brimmed hat, water bottle and sunscreen would also be good precautions.

Tight loops will be on display by end of the day.

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I went to the beginners casting seminar on Saturday. It was a steal of a deal for $5 for a day of casting instruction. My thanks to Brian Hepperle, and the club members who helped out with the instruction (Brian, Dave, Ron and Barry if I got the names right). There seemed to be about 15 or so people there to take the class, and we split up into beginners and intermediate groups. I learned a fair bit, and got some good corrections for some of my bad casting habits.



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