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Muskiki Lake?


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I had read where brook trout will no longer be stocked in Muskiki Lake. I guess that means that it's assumed the cutthroat will be able to survive?


I'd like to get up to the lake for some early season brook trout fishing. Does anyone know if the ice is off yet?


I haven't posted a report yet but I fished the Athabasca River upstream of Athabasca Falls on Easter weekend. Managed to catch a few nice bulls and even some rainbows! Tried lots of different things but the only thing that worked was a beadhead nymph below a strike indicator.


I haven't been to any of the club meetings yet because of schedule problems but hopefully I can make it this Wednesday.





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Rockyman: Cutthroats were stocked in Muskiki last year. The reason being was the outflow of the lake goes into the Cardinal and they did not want the brookies getting into that system to take what little food is available to both Cuts and Bulls.

There is however the remaining Brook Trout population which should also be producing some monsters.

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I figured that's why brook trout were no longer going to be stocked. I don't have any problems with that since I think it's more important to protect the Cardinal River fishery. I guess the fisheries biologists must have figured there was some chance of the cutthroats surviving.


I might head up next weekend if I can find out if the lake is ice-free yet.

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Is this a hike in lake? :unsure:  I located it on Map Source but it does not show any roads.  :unsure:

Skipper - I'm not sure which mapset you have but if you have the Garmin Canada Topo v2 mapset I have found you have to zoom in to a 1.5 km map scale in order to see the road to Muskiki Lake. If you are using the City Select North America v6 mapset it will also show the road at 1.5km but the lake will not show up.
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