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I was wondering if anyone knows a good Mercury outboard service shop in Edmonton. I acquired a Merc 110 9.8 (1980's) the engine appears in good shape and starts well. It seems to idle a little fast and spits water from the telltale only when it gets hot (I think it must have a thermostat) Problem is it ran away on me twice while I was testing it (only way to kill it was the kill switch) Since I know very little about 2 stroke outboards I may want to take it in to get checked out and serviced.


I do not want to spend a tonne of money due to the fact that I will rarely use this motor as I have an electric which I use for most of my trout fishing. Some lakes that I would like to visit and fish for pike are larger and I may wish to use this motor for them.


So any help would be appreciated.


1. Does anyone have any idea on the cost of servicing these outboards?

2. Does anyone know a reputable service place in Edmonton?


Thanks to all.



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Any outboard I've ever had spit water continuously and when it stopped it was trouble. Allan and Michael can attest to that one; think we had to drift back about 6 or 7 miles from the back side of nowhere BC bear country because the squirt stopped. The water pump works on a little rubber impeller that sucks up water for coolant and when that stops you run the risk of bigger problems. Sand will wear it down and finally the impeller blades are too flimsy to push water. I wouldn't run it again until it gets the OK form someone who knows for sure. I've heard good things about the people out at Alberta Beach. I've bought parts from them and they were reasonable as compared to others.





Wally Lutz

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Thanks Wally,


I know most spit water all the time, I have read that "some" merc 9.8's that were made in Canada (this one was) have thermostats and only spit when hot. Unfortunately I don't know for sure. Like you said best have someone in the know have a look. I could probably change the impeller myself but the carb stuff I don't want to mess with.


Is echo marine the place at Alberta Beach?


Thanks for the advice,


Shan Denny

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