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Wednesday, April 19th - Tying Demo


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Presenter: Rod Boisvert


Pattern: #1 Wet Gold Ribbed Hares Ear c/w wingcase

Hook: # 16 to #10 Mustad 3906B or R50

Thread: Uni brown 8/0

Tail: Natural hare’s mask

Rib: Gold mylar

Body: Natural hare’s mask

Wing case: Goose primary coated with Flexament

Thorax: Natural hare’s mask with guard hairs

Option: Gold bead head


Pattern: #2 GRHE - Dry

Same as #1 but without the wing case or bead

Hook: Mustad R030 or TMC 100


Pattern: #3 GRHE – Green / Wet

Same as #1 except for:

Tail: Green Pheasant tail

Rib: Gold or yellow Uni-wire

Body: Green hare’s mask

Wing case: Green Pheasant tail


Pattern: #4 GRHE – Grey / Wet

Same as #1 except for:

Thread: Uni Red 8/0

Tag: Red holographic mylar

Tail: Grey hen hackle

Rib: Silver wire

Body: Grey rabbit dubbing

Wing case: Grey hen


Comment: Rod will show us few different variations of this old standby pattern.

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