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Wednesday, April 5th - Tying Demo


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Presenter: Al Grombacher


Topic: Married Wing Wet Fly Techniques


Comment: Alberta Al will show us how to do wet fly wings that join two or more eathers together. These are typically used for full dress salmon flies, but can be used on others.

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Hey Lanny,


April 5th - the date be, eh.


I'll be tying the Trout Finn and one other pattern.


If you want to "marry along", bring goose shoulder, goose primaries, duck primaries, pheasant of all types, woodduck flank, mallard flank or swan (if you got it). I'll send out the patterns tomorrow. Remember that you need matched pairs of feathers (a left and a right).




Alberta Al

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Who won the money on the bet last night?


What dates are open for demo-ing some SSH patterns?


Lanny - thanks for getting the video gear all set-up.




Alberta Al\\ :beer:

No money this time. ;) Video gear... argh. Glad I finally got it set up. :curse:


Uhm, speak to Woolly... the Program Director and he'll slot you in for a date.


Start tying up those SSH patterns eh... will try to swing by on Sunday with my camera. ;)

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