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Fishing week


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Its that time of year again to book my holidays.Its always difficult to decide when to take a week off to go just fishing :fish_jump: .I'm leaning towards the 3rd week of Aug this year,float the Bow & lakes in Kananaskis..I have always wanted to take a week off in May to go to BC to do some early season lake fishing.What about June,salmon flies on the Crow.Then theres the green drakes on Stauffer along with some lake fishing as well.Maybe a week in the fall,could hit Swan lake & some Grayling fishing.So the question is,what time of year would you book a week off to go fishing.Retirement people need not reply. ;)

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Hey George


Ah, so many palces to fish and so little time...unless your retired...and then its just a matter of money. If I had to choose a time it would be during August going into September. All of those places you listed sound great. For a weeks stay I would pick a spot where I could fish a lake first thing in the morning, do some small stream fishing during the day, have supper and hit the lake again in the early eve.


A good pram would be ideal for the lakes eh George.



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Aug Sept would be my choice also. Where just about anywhere for anything. Fishing at that time of year is pretty good from one end of the prov to the other. Just need to decide what where and when :eek: not to many choices. :devil:


Good luck there George. :thumbup:


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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I used to live and fish in the West Kootenays. Trail area. I would fish Champion lake in the morning and evening ( fish were small but fun to catch, also was a good place to get my 4 kids hooked on fishing) During the day the Columbia river was usually good. I now live in Sherwood Park (retired) and need to learn about the fishing places around here. 1 hour drive is usually tops for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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I wish the 3rd week of August would last all year. I have had great fishing at the North Ram, Livingston, Oldman, Crow, Bow - you name it. There are often hoppers around and one can fish a hopper-dropper to find all kinds of fish. Even though the hatches are sparse that time of year, the water is lower, clearer and warmer so there can be some great afternoons. The fish seem to look for any sort of flimsy reason to take flies on the surface and I just love accomodating them by prospecting on those foothills streams.


A few years back we were in the Livingston canyon and the fish turned on once the water warmed up. The trout didn't seem to be that persnickety, taking on Elk Hairs, Coachmen, Hoppers, Trudes, Adams, the CCF - even some of those foamies with rubber legs. Two or three hours of that and then back to the trailer for dinner, bevvies and a refocus for some evening fishing on the Crow.


On those particularly hot days, I would hit the Crow before 7am and fish the behavioural drift. Some times in August as soon as the light hits the water, the bugs get active and the fish follow suit. I had the whole river to myself - well I had to share it with frisky trouts. It is nice to lose count of fish before 9 - real nice.


Ooops I forgot to mention how the backswimmer fishing starts to turn on in late August at the potholes and some of the great midging and, and, and. Tis a great time of year.





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I wish the 3rd week of August would last all year.

Amen Brother... Amen. I'll (we'll) be flyfishing for Chinooks, Springs, and Cohos this year. ;);)


BUT... the following week is for Grayling... Lil Smokey.... too. :kicks:

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