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Fly casting


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Hi Burbon


The Sage casting analyser uses a Sage XP 9 foot 6 weight rod with 40 feet of weight forward floating line.


(Following is from FAOL - Ladyfisher report) For more info go to FAOL website.


The system measures and records (and eventually compares with a 'standard' cast) these components of your cast:

Cast Symmetry (the forward and backcast should be identical).

Cast Arc (the ideal arc for a 40 foot cast is 65 degrees, wider produces an open loop.)

Creep (not sticking the backcast and starting forward too soon, resulting in a incomplete casting stroke on the forward cast.) See it really is in there.

Smoothness Ratio (speed up and stop as opposed to abrupt power application which often causes tailing loops.)

Peak Speed (applying too much power too soon causing inefficient casting.)

Deceleration (this is the period of time it takes to go from the speed-up to the point where you actually stop the rod. Like putting the brakes on in your car, in this case too slow and the caster loses the nice tight loop.)

Stop (the difference between and soft and 'hard' stop - the harder stop gives tighter loops.)

Rod Load (the results of rod arc, peak speed, smoothness ratio and stop data - which combine to show the efficiency of the cast.)

All of these factors are instantaneously measured with both the forward and back cast. Absolutely amazing stuff.



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