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Licenses and Reg's

Dragon Troller

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Licenses went on sale March 16. The new licenses are valid from March 16, 2006 'til March 31, 2007.




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Already done and done.


The new regs are out - and overall there are FEW changes from last year - but check your local waters just in case.



Important changes:


Introduction of the Walleye "TAG" plan at Pigeon, Lac St. Anne, Wolf and Newell

Walleye Stocking has resumed


1. Crayfish can now be kept for food from all waterbodies but the Beaver River system.

2. Muskiki will no longer be stocked with Brook trout - however, 2007 will see Cutthroat stocking in it's place.

3. 3 Pits in coal valley are being stocked to open in 2007 for trout angling

4. Luscar creek - closed for mining impact study

5. Bag limit reduced on Running Rain Lake

6. Walleye bag limit reduced on Haig Lake

7. Iosegun and Smoke lake walleye limits now 2/person over 50cm

8. Owl river closed for study.

9. Winnifred lake now C&R (as well as tribs / outlets within 10km)

10. Pike stocking to begin this season at Cow lake

11. Little Bow River now C&R for pike

12 Willow Creek below Pine Coulee Res. now OPEN for winter fishing C&R walleye / pike.

13 Shiningbank Lake perch limits reduced to allow recovery of Perch stocks.



That's the goods... Read the details when you get your Licences...

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