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fluffy white stuff


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I will have to admit that I was a little worried in February. I remember walking through a field and seeing cracks in the ground. It is nice wearing sandals in February but being a trout guy, I always pay attention to ground moisture. I also know that Star, Spring and Muir had all experienced a drop in water levels last year.


Sure I know that Red Deer south did get a ton of rain last spring, but it largely missed the Edmonton region. The city center airport recorded 64% of normal precip while the international recorded about 10% below normal levels. The snow we had a few weeks ago hardly had any moisture in it when compared to todays gift from the gods.


So when looking at the big picture we do need some more of the white stuff. And as you are cussing out the shovelling exersize there is a silver lining. Todays snow goes a long way for helping the lakes around here and with all that shovelling you can have an extra (or two) slice of pie.





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I agree, we needed this and still need more. If you dont believe me go look at Bens lake, or whitford lake, Beaver hill lake. They are all so low that Whitford dried up for the most part. We need another 2-3 feet, just to get things started... Unfortunately I dont think we'll get much more....but they are saying snow at the end of the week again.. :blink: Thank god for the snowblower....well actually thank my neighbor. he gave it to me.....






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