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Do Fish sneeze


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I had one of my co works ask an interesting question.


Do Fish sneeze? :eek: then someone else asked how would you know if they did??? :eek:


Any one out there have the answer.


You sure can tell its fri. with lots to do. ::coffee:::coffeetime:


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S. :fishing::fish_jump:

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K.. now that I'm done pulling yer leg.. there is only one species that sneezes.




"Hagfish... To clear its own slime from its body and face, it ties itself in a knot and slides the knot rapidly up and down its body while sneezing. It's the ONLY fish that can sneeze, and the only vertebrate that can tie itself in a knot."


More on Hagfish here -- realy beauties aren't they!


Posted Image



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Rb thank I will diffinetly pass the info on.


ABH that part of the reason I don't drink water Fish do nasty things in water


Bring on the Scotch and 5 Alive. :drinked: Guy tried Scotch and Cranberry juice the other night not bad. :drinked::laugh::drinked:


Sportsman Show today man theres a lot of snow out there. :eek::eek:


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S. :fishing::drinked:<_<

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