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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006


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Presenter: Greg Scratchley


Topic: Furled Leaders


Posted Image




Comment: Greg will show us the how, when, why and where of furled leaders. He will demonstrate how they are constructed and how to connect them to your fly line.


You can read Greg's article about Furled Leaders on Flyangler.ca. This will be a meeting you don't want to miss. Perhaps we can get a casting demo too.


Following this, a pattern demonstration to boot!


Pattern: Trico Spent Wing Fly

Thread: Olive 8/0 – 14/0

Hooks: #16 to #28 Light wire dry fly

Tails: Olive or black Microfibetts

Wings: White Antron

Comment: Greg will follow the leader demonstration with a

fly tying one of a common spinner pattern

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You missed a good one Dennis. Greg... well done presentation! Poopy, my camcorder battery ran out about half way through it though.


Anyways, It seemed like there was enough interest in the meeting afterwards that we'd like to do a workshop on this. Build some boards and get further hands on instruction - I for one - am one of those folks.


Dave and Greg seem to have a good handle on how to make these things so they can be our guides. Whom all else is interested in a one day workshop on building and learning to use these?

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Yup ... would be in for this too.. (or should I say - Frank will be - Ha Ha)

Greg - Great presentation from beginning to end - Was interesting and very neat to actually see the process. Much easier to learn that way. And also the explanation on why you would want to use this. GREAT JOB!!!!!



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Read the article a while ago and have been thinkin bout it since. Now after watching Scratch's fabulose demo last night there is no way I could miss a board biulding day.


Damb work better cooperate (sunday would be best for me).


So if work dont get in the way --Count me in!!!

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I'd be interested..... Can we do it befor April 11, When I leave to BC to fishing??? :huh: p-p-p-please?


I wasnt too interested in furled leaders, until I saw how they were made...and what they looked like.... NOw I want to try some... I still have some Q's about them, but they can wait for a bit.... I'll ask later....


must sleep soon, after the meeting I went to the Power plant... A friends band was playing there. They didnt get started until about 12:00 pm, and I didnt get to bed until about 2:30a.m....zzzzzzzzz.... It was their last performance here for awhile. They move to Toronto, on Monday, 'cause thats where there Management company is based out of and stuff.....






OBTW Greg, Good job on the presentation... :thumbup:

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Hey ABH, where are you going fishing in BC? I have the same week off in April but I was planning on spending it down south on the Crow and maybe the Lower Oldman for some Bull's. Bullshead opens April 1st so I was going to give that a day or two as well.

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Thanks all... I had a really good time!


I was a little worried that it might be dry - but a friend of a friend told me recently - "If you're interested, you'll be interesting". Be passionate - things will be fine...


Glad everyone enjoyed it!


If we can work something - I'd be happy to do a whole night on building / rigging and furling. ABH - I'm sure we can work something out for ya before your trip. :)




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3 cordles drills my self....1 is a piece of :horse: though. Anyway... Scratch, that would be cool.... thanx



How about we use one of the pool tables and the runway after a meeting! :D

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RB,  how could you have survived this long in live without a cordless drill  :rolleyes:  B) !!  In fact, like fly rods, one cordless drill is never enough --  I've got 3 of em. Terry

I've had one fer years, but the battery was toast. Then wife bought me a corded one ahile back.


So... making holes hasn't been a problem when I've needed to. Would really suck to make furled leaders without a cordless drill... I envisioned all kinds of extra danger in that process... so broke down and got a new one.


PS - Cajun tire has one on for sale now... $21.99. DOH!



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