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Red Deer Feb 12


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All these sound great , Its only a couple of weeks till the season closes.

Hard to believe - but true...


Get your days in boys!




from the Dickson Dam downstream to the Tolman Bridge (Sec. Rd. 585 [14-33-22-W4])


May 20 to Feb. 28 - Trout limit 0; Mountain Whitefish limit 5 over 30 cm; Walleye limit 0; Sauger limit 3 (no size limit); Pike limit 3 over 63 cm; Burbot limit 10; Goldeye limit 10; Maggots are the only bait allowed.


Mar. 1 to May 19 - CLOSED

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...hey Dan, if you go to the RDR, make sure you take lots of pictures...might even see them magical dwarfs lurking about...good luck and wish I could go, but I better not...

{ RB snickers smuggly to himself in the background. }


Hiiiiii --- Hoooooo....



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The bow completely sucked on saturday. I had one fish and it was a whitey. Broke my sage and my waders leak on both legs now. It'll be a while before I fish again.

Well, at least it was warm....


What area did you fish? We started out at the Highwood.... That area has drastically changed... THen we move to 22x. At least one kid was happy. I helped him with his casting technique, (not that mine is great) but it was his first time out and his casting did improve... I also gave him some flies for future use.... He ended up with a Golden stone nymph, Bow river bugger, and couple other nymphs....


I also donated about a dozen San juans and a mix of various nymphs to the river.... Guess I gotta do some tying to restock... :blink:


How did you break your rod? Sorry to hear that, hopefully the warranty will cover it... And waders, use some UV Glue, or Shoe goo... THey always work for me....

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