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February 8th, 2006


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Tier: Bill Lee

Pattern: Clouser Minnow

Hooks: #3/0 to #6 O’Shaughnessey or 9671 Mustad

Eyes: Lead barbell, red with black pupil

Throat: White fish hair or white thread

Body: White bucktail, chartreuse fish hair, pearl

crystal flash

Options: Silver mylar flash wrap in shank

Comment: This is a fresh and salt water fly. The style, with

the barbell eyes, provides good movement with the hook

pointing upwards. Chartreuse and white is a favorite color.



Pattern: Muddler Minnow

Hooks: #6 to #12 - 9671 Mustad

Tail: Slip of mottled turkey feather

Body: Flat gold mylar tinsel, rib with oval tinsel

Wing: Grey squirrel hair and mottled turkey feather

Collar/head: Deer hair

Comment: Muddlers are now tied as a general attractor

pattern and to imitate anything from caddis flies to

grasshopper, While all muddlers will differ in color and

profile, all ha e the same basic construction

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See this thread Re: Heavy Minnow patterns. The Muddler was discussed also, learn how to tye one up tonight.




Also the Clouser Minnow Style:





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