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Western Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition


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It all started with Dave Murray having lunch with Jack. Jack is the coach of the USA flyfishing team. The world flyfishing championships for 2007 are in Finland.

As there is no or little grayling water in the continental US. Jack was wondering if

we would be interested in hosting their tryouts in northern Alberta. During our discussions Jack thought it might good if the Canadian Team was also involved. At the time this picture was taken we were on our way to the Canadian Flyfisher Magazine booth to talk to Jack Simpson who is the Chairman for the Canadian Team. Both of these men thought it would be a great idea. Both of these team leaders will be in touch with us later with more details.

Once again the reputation of Northern Lights Fly Tyers & Fishers is leading us to bigger and better things.

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And totally unrelated to the weekend - but while I'm on a roll here - I just had to post our FLY TYING SANTA for those who didn't see him before Christmas...

He is just way TOO CUTE!!!!

OMG! It's Santa Bill Gouge! He so needs to make that his Avatar now. :D Edited by RangerBob
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Are you guys crazy? That freaky tying Santa is so Dave Murray it HURTS...


If I had a shot of Wooly - i'd put it together - but theres no point - you wouldn't be able to tell that it changed!


So yeah - Bill has gone with the 'Grey' look for a while - and year - he has the same youthful vitality of santa - but at the end of the day man - it's the eyes that sell it - and that freaky little santa has Dave Murrays eyes man...





Need a drink....




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Your welcome. I really didn't do that much.. the rest of the members who made the trip really did most of the work.


Les: Do pontoon boats run on single malt???

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