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Joining NLFT

King Salmon

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When you go into a meeting ask were you can find Vince, and he'll give you both membership forms, fill them out, hand them back with the membership fee, and have fun meeting some of the nicest and most generous people you'll meet(thats what I found for myself when I joined)


(I hope I did a good job explaining it. :) )

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Me and my brother were chatting with Doc the other day at the Fishin Hole, and he kinda convinced the both of us to want to join the NLFT.  How does one go about joining? :box:

You can visit this link for more information. Yes, Vince is the man to see whom will take your money, and hook you up with a card after filling out some paperwork. The membership form is also available here on the website.




If you (or anyone else) are in Calgary this weekend for the WFFE, you can also purchase NLFTF memberships at our booth.

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King Salmon:

Show up at the Lion's Senior Centre any Wed. night follow directions on board and go all the way down the end of a very lllllloooooonnnnnngggggg hallway to find the best group of individuals in the fly fishing area. Come down to learn , come down to share , come down to find fishing buddies, but most important come down to have fun.

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