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Fly Tying Box


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I'm not sure if this idea helps you... Also I dont no how much stuff you have. But what I did was buy the large Plano Containers. YOu can put most of your stuff in those. You can then get the plano Tackle bags that carry these....


That could help you a bit...


As for funiture...do you mean a tying desk? If so I just bought an old wooden desk... has great big drawers and the lots of room. I picked it up at a flea market for $50.00.



Hope that helps...but other than that I think you gotta be more specific on what your looking for.....



Though.... I think it was Dave would picked up a really cool flytying bag last summer at Romans Garage sale.... Maybe Dave can tell you who makes it and where you may find another.... (P.S. If it wasnt dave ooops Sorry)

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That luggage set must be just for the portable kit.

I'm thinking rental on one of those mini-store places

would about do it for the complete inventory

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Hey, if you put a desk in there, maybe a small tv and satellite dish.... what a quiet place to just get away and tie.....or sleep....


Actually, I've seen pictures of people actually living out of them....

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