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Dinner With Jim McLennan & Dave Engle


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For those not at the meeting this past Wednesday night, a special raffle was held at $2.00 per ticket. The prize was for a FREE dinner with Jim and Ed after the days show events on Saturday. Of course, we're also picking up the tab for our two special guests. The two extra seats raffled allowed you to seat yourself on either side of our special guests (you still have to duke it out between yourselves for where you seat) and get free grub.


The lucky winners of the special raffle were Darren (Pacres) and Brian B (Canadagrey, VP). Darren was unable to make the dinner, and gave his ticket to Mike Lawson. Mike was not able to make the event either as he had to go up North, and somehow I wound up with the ticket given to me. Alas.. I am not able to make it either as I have to work late that evening.


SO, on Friday, January 20th at the "Evening With Ed Engle Event" at our normal meeting venue -- after talking with Brian B (he can't really eat two meals himself either) I am offering the seat and free meal for a special $1.00 raffle draw on Friday. The extra money raised will go towards Vince's "Mr. Expresso" machine.




If you STILL want to attend the dinner, you're welcome too but remember you have to pay your own way in. I'm not sure where the dinner is at (but I'm guessing it's not Mickey-D's), and you can find out more details on Friday or at the event on Saturday. Will post here when I know.


Good Luck, and enjoy the event this weekend! See you on Friday!



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