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I was just trying to respond to an earlier post about FESA's working toward getting a charitable status not Albertabowhunter's offer of a donation. At the completion of the process FESA will be able to issue tax receipts for donations. I think that will be not too far off in the future but these things don't happen fast.


The $36,000 was a matching grant that came out of money raised from an auction, raffles, club donations, grants, donations in kind and that sort of stuff. It was wonderful to see how much we could put together even though we did not get any large personal or corporate donations.


FESA will have ongoing costs like maintenance of the aerators and site features plus the cost of aeration. We will also be looking at more developing more lakes in the future but we are not currently in a position to issue tax receipts.


Albertabowhunter, if you can't wait for a few months to make a donation then the best place would be TU. TU has a number of good projects on the go and they are also a major supporter of Muir Lake. FESA is putting a casting platform at Muir (yes that is starting to come together - finally) and Michael Dell said that TU may be able to help with it.





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