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Two For The Show

dave robinson

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Just a reminder to get your tickets for our seminar.

It starts a week Saturday.

Tickets can be had at the Fishin' Hole, Fishing Center or at the door.

Don't miss out on this terrific event.


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For the visually impaired (Dave's graphic was kinda thin up there).... The full schedule of program events is here:




More info available also at:








A reminder that Ed Engle is also putting on a show on Friday, January 20th at Lion's Centre (normal NLFT&F venue) for $5.00. Looking forward to the show on Friday. I won't be able to make the normal program as I have to work that weekend. Should be a good one though.


http://nlft.org/newsletter/06/NLFTC_06-01.pdf (Club Newsletter)


Who is Ed Engle (Many may ask?):


http://www.anglerscovey.com/engle.htm (Biography)


Jim M. (Yeah, we all know who he is.)



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Albertabowhunter it should be a great show with Ed talking on tail waters and small streams and fishing & tying small flies and Jim talking on fishing big waters and and places here in Alberta to fish along with how to take the picture of your trophy catch. For $50 for the weekend and 2 top notch presenters you cann't beat it. Common on out and bring a friend or 2 tickets sold at all the Fishing Holes and Fishing Centre and will be sold at the door.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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We got a sneek preview of what is going to happen tomorrow and If you didn't get a ticket I suggest you should. Ed is one fantastic presentor. He knows his stuff and his tying of small flies is boggling. Size 32 like nothing made it look easy. Ed is very easy to lesson too.


Ed and Jim will complement each other this is a show not to miss. There will be tickets at the door.


Thight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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Although I was at the SNRD provincial fisheries meeting on Sat. and missed that portion of the show, I did see Ed on Friday and the complete show today. A great show that was enjoyed by all that attended. For those of you who where unable to attend you missed a great show.


NLFT&F is committed to further expanding the knowledge of fly fishers in the area. We will once again try to put together another great show for next year.


I would like to thank the following people for their envolvement in insuring that everything went smoothly for the show.

Dennis and Rick for arranging the show and being the taxi for Ed.

Micheal Dell for soliciting items and running the 50/50 and raffle.

Mike Powell for distributing the tickets.

Jerry Plastow for taking care of the door.

Dave Robinson for doing the tickets and posters.

Barry White for assisting in book sales.

My apologies for any one that may have been ommitted.


Great Job Guys a Job well done. :clap::drinked::cheers::clap:

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Good job guys! Sorry I was unable to attend.. had to work over the weekend... and my wife needed the car on Friday to get training from Elections Canada. Yeah, she's sitting out at a polling station all day today (12 hours).


Anyways, I believe Brian B. will be away this Wednesday (throwing me into the fire early), so perhaps Dennis you'd be willing to talk about the show a bit if you'll be there? Brian, I'll call you Tuesday night to go over anything else that needs to be brought up then.




PS - Did we secure any of Ed's books for the library?

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Well Got Ed off at the airport this morning at 5:30am


I would just like to first Thank both Ed and Jim they put on one fantastic show. They are the ones that make it work. Next is the crowd of people we had you were great and both Ed and Jim Commented on how will you received them and stayed attentive to what was going on.


I'm thinking there will be afew poeple kicking themselves that they didn't spend the $50. to see this show.


Ed showed us that its not as hard to tie those balls of fluff. also that small flies are a very important part to fly fishing. and how to fish them. There were several great ideas on presentation.

Jim reminded us how great Alberta is and the we have some fantastic Jems in this province and again how to fish these Jems and how to take pictures of them.


and last and not least is Grant MaGewen for there fantastic facilities and the help they gave us.


Again thank you and am looking forward to working on the next one. We already have a couple of Ideas. One that Ed let out of the bag on Someone we haven't seen for some time.


Till then.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:


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To All


What a great time I had. These events of ours just keep getting better and better. My brain is on overload right now from all of the info provided by Ed and Jim.


The info presented by Ed on fishing small flies, tying small flies and reading small water was first class. His manner, style and presentation was right on the money. I thought I knew quite a bit about fishing small water but with what I learned from Ed over the weekend I know I will be a better fisherman...if only I could stop falling in....small water is not always shallow as I've found out once to many times.


The info presented by Jim was very enjoyable and in particular his presentation on reading and fishing large water was of real interest to me. I think he did a great job and all of his topic's were quite informative. I think I even learned a trick or two as to how to take better pictures.


All in all I learned lots and had a great time. My thanks to the group that helped put this terrific event together. What a weekend...can't wait till our next one.



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I really enjoyed the seminar also :clap::clap: . Thanks to Dennis, Rick, Michael and all the rest that made it happen. It was also good to touch base with the club again.


See y'all in Calgary in a few weeks.




PS John Marple emailed me a bunch of pictures that he took.

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Just saddened that my 50.00 in tix didn't even get out of the house on the weekend.




Oh welll  2 years in a row. :)

We should remove the event from the front page now... it's passed. =) Edited by RangerBob
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