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Ice fishing 2006


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Well, My season for Ice fishing is off to a ssssssllllllooooooooooowwwww start. I've been out 4 times (Smoke, Gull, Devils, and Spring) and have a total of 2 perch and 1 small pike. Pretty darn slow if you ask me.... How is everyone else doing this year.... That is of you who have been ice fishing.

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Three trips. Once to Gull and twice to Pigeon. Creel adds up to the following:


9 whites.

1 pike

2 walley's


All in all a very slow beginning for sure. I have acually witnessed fish scattering/swimming under the ice as I walked out to my spot. I wonder if the lack of snow has made the fish a bit skittery! Gull seems especially slow.

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I think you are correct about the snow cover. Any movement and the fish scatter. Especially when you have high traffic like at gull. Well it's good to see you are doing better than me. I'm getting kinda depressed. I guess I'll give it another go this weekend... Just havent figured out where yet. It's supposed to snow abit more this week... even tonight possible some???? we will see.


Take care.

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Frank went out this week-end - Went to Gull where they didn't see anything. Went back to Sylvan lake - put in the camera - saw tail pipe, muffler, and also saw the fish calmly swiming around. He probably caught the first two whitefish they did see on the camera in the first hour. After talking to others on the lake, they weren't having much luck either. He said the ice is about 2 1/2 feet thick (where they were)


OBTW - they didn't find the rest of the car down there.....


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When I was at gull on Jan 1, the Ice was 18-20 in. I would expect it to be 20+ now.


Well to what it sounds like is maybe i soaked my hooks in gas over the summer or something..... :( Oh, well, maybe it will improve for "ME" soon...


Heck I even bought a new Ice tent this year. Maybe its bad luck or something. :unsure:


Anyone else using the eskimo SPORT? I swithed from a pop up to a fliptent this year, a lot more room, and quicker to move.

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I was told today THat ice fishing at star is pretty hot right now... (meal Worms)  In case anyone is interested...

Riiight. I got some of those in my fridge to. Thanks for reminding me.. I gotta poke 'em with a stick when I get home to see if they're still kicking.


That reminds me. My kids blue Budgie kicked off the other day.... erm, no... I didn't raid him for feathers either. The wife grabbed it before I was allowed to. Rats!


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