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Inter. Fly Tying...How did it go?


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Can't speak for everyone - but the space was excellent for the group we had - might have been tight for more people - but for the dozen or so there - it was excellent. We went through a number of patterns and styles - and tried some new things - so from the perspective of the day - it was great...


Sorry you couldn't spend much time with us - but we'll get you caught up. :)

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Rena Great room we even had a buddy in bed watching us tried to get him to tie with us but he just wanted to sleep all day.


I only stayed until noon. It sounds like everyone had a good time and learnt some new things. I sure did. I hope to post what I learnt in the next day or 2.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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:beer: Glad to hear it went so well...hope that you will be able to use the room again! As for the guy in bed...he never wants to get involved in anything we do in that room! He is a real dummy! :D You can imagine that the nurses have a lot of fun with him during their courses though! :dr: Anyway, hope that I will be good enough to get in on that one next year ;) and I will see you all on the 14th! Stay Warm!!!
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