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Intermediate Fly Tying


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Hey guys...just wanted to let you know that there is a television available for you to use in the education centre...just help yourselves...but please leave it there when you are done! LOL I will try to get over sometime during the day...would like to see what you are up to, but found out today that I am going to have to work on Sunday :angry::angry: which will take a lot of time out of the renovation thing and I am starting to think that the old man wants some help by some of the language :curse::curse: coming out of his mouth when I got home from the meeting last night! :lol: :lol: :lol: Just thought that I would mention that I hope the tying for the beginners doesn't always start before the meeting cause it kind of leaves some of us that want to be part of the meeting a little behind...trust me I need all the one on one that I can get to get the hang of this. :curse:

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Satuday Dec. 3 at St. Josephs Hospital

(10707 29a Ave)


9am to 3pm


For Members Only ($5.00)


Topics covered include: Extended bodies, Quill Wings and Woven bodies.



Parking $2.00 / day



Dave Robinson will be covering Quill Wings,

Dennis Southwick will talk about Extended body techniques

Greg Scratchley will demonstrate several styles of body weaves.


(If there are any changes to this program - we'll let you know here!)


See you tomorrow!

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Scratch thanks for the directions. :thumbup: Hope your still going to make it out for the afternoon. I will do the extended bodies first thing as I can only stay in the morning.


Rena I will talk to Bill I didn't realize that he started before every one was there. I will see what I can do.


Thank you for the TV thats a load off but at the same time not sure I want someone looking so close at my extended bodies. :eek::drinked::eek:


Tight Lines Always

See all at the intermediate tying Sat. :clap:


Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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Will be there for about 11 Dennis - If need be - I'll bring my camera etc so that we can hook up to the TV.


Have we got any idea how many people are going to be there - I know Ranger bob wants to learn weaving.. :)

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We ended up with about 14 in total, wiith about 1/2 learning and 1/2 helping.

Dennis did a fine job on extendd bodies, showing us about 4 or 5 variations,

two of which ended up being either green drake or hexagena patterns.

I did a muddler minnow, combining wet fly quill wing techniques

with a bit of deer hair spinning. I then showed a dry fly quill wing

just to show it can be done and what the issues are.

Greg ended the day with 3 different weaving techniques

that last of which resulted in a stone fly with mylar wing cases.

I was driven into stitches with the movements used for the Tiger Weave.

It has to be seen to be believed.

It was a fine day, ending about 4pm, with lots of banter and camaraderie.

The venue was superb, and our thanks go to Rena for arranging it.

My thanks to Greg and Dennis for helping present

and to all the attendees for taking it easy on the old f@rts.

Hey, even "Ballast' showed up late in the day with some spare coffees.

Thanks Alex.

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I have to echo Dave’s comments. The Intermediate Tying seminar on Saturday was the sort of learning experience I joined the club for. Although I was a bit worried after Dennis’ comments on Wednesday, everything turned out well. I thought the instructors, Dennis, Dave R. and Scratch did a great job covering the topics. That was the first time I tied an extended body fly that looked half decent. Thanks also to Brian B. for organizing the material, and keeping the instructors on topic. The facility was great, so thanks to Rena and St. Jo’s for that. There was a good mix of experienced folks and students, and I appreciated the helpful advice from Dave and Dan.

I got a kick out of watching the “happy weaver” at work in the afternoon session. Good fun.



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First I have to thank all that turned out. It was a great time. Secondly I want to thank all the helpers and instructors who made that a success and Rena for the great room and the TV.


Sorry I couldn't stay all day but it sounds like it went will. I really in enjoy demoing the extended bodies. There was some fumbling but the techneque was there.


Again tyers & instructors a great job.


Now that you know how to do extended bodies I expect to see more people in the Extended body swap.


Tight Lines always

Dennis S.

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THANKS RENA FOR THE GREAT ROOM :clap: AND THE INSRUCTORS FOR THE GREAT INSTRUCTION :clap: . We all had a great time :kicks: and learned some fun techniques :box: . Snow , I'm sure Greg would gladdly so off his weaves :monkey: and Dave can do his hand action :captin:;)

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