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Forest Usage Survey

Don Andersen

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Recieved this yesterday. It appears to be a legitimate survey of forest activies in Alberta.


Here is the home page so you can see what they are about.




Below is a copy of the email recieved from the survey company. Takes about 10 minutes to do the survey.

Looks like the survey is a tad loaded to forest company activites. [ after all they are paying the bill].


Do with it what you wish.


I responded.









Mr. Andersen,


Here is the survey we discussed.


Some more background&


We are looking into the publics values around forest usage so the Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA) members can better align forest policy and practices with those values in order to enhance their stewardship and social license to operate. Im wondering if I can ask you two things. First, if youll take part in the survey itself and secondly, to share the link to this survey with your personal and professional contacts. We need broad participation in this project to make sure all points of view and all values are adequately represented. As you know people engage in citizenship when asked to do so by people they know. We are looking for 5000 completed replies by the end of Nov. and we have over 3000 so far


Please click on the link below and participate in the survey. Once done, Id ask you to paste the link below into an email and forward the link to your distribution list (forwarding the link disables it).


This survey method uses Discrete Choice Modeling (DCM) which tests values, rather than opinions. It is a Nobel Prize winning market research method and while it does create difficult scenarios, it also provides a clearer picture of values attributed to a product, service or a public policy option than traditional market research "polling" methods do.


There is an option to provide an email address at the end of the survey to get a report on the findings if you wish. Theres also a page where you can leave your thoughts, questions and comments.


Thanks for considering my request and please contact me to discuss this further.


Again, thanks for taking the time to help out,







Cambridge Strategies Inc.

Suite 208 , Empire Building

10080 - Jasper Ave.

Edmonton, AB T5J 1V9

Tel: 780-420-0505

Fax: 780-420-1256



The Alberta Forest Usage Survey


The Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA) is sponsoring an independent survey which will help the forest industry better understand public values, perceptions and priorities regarding the development and maintenance of Albertas forestlands.


Using Nobel Prize winning market-research technology, the survey is now online and will be available until November 30th. Every Albertan has the opportunity to provide their views on how the provinces forested lands should be used, managed, preserved and conserved. Please take part in the survey and pass this message on to your friends, your work colleagues and other organisations you may be involved in!


Part of the survey is made up of scenarios which you will have to choose between. Please note that these scenarios are not meant to represent optimal real life possibilities and in many cases you will not like either choice. The questions are set up in order to force you to make trade-offs that will reveal your strongest values. For this reason the survey takes time, around 10 minutes, and many will struggle between scenarios they are not happy with. Please stick with it though. At the end of the survey, there is a page where you can leave your comments, your thoughts and any other issues that you may have. In the end it will help the forest industry get a better understanding of how the public wants its forests to be managed.


To take part in the survey, please click on the link below:






(If you experience technical problems with the above link, please click below and enter the following password :)http://www.cambridgestrategiessurvey.com/FOR1logn.htm password: 1264L9


To tell others about the survey, please cut and paste this link into a new message.


For further information, please contact me directly or contact Stacey Sankey at stacey@cambridgestrategies.com.


Your forests&.Your voice! Take part in the Alberta Forest Usage Survey!

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Just got this in my mail today.




February 10, 2006


Dear Alberta Forest Usage Survey Participant:


On behalf of the Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA) member companies, I thank you for investing your time to tell us your views about Alberta's forest lands through the Alberta Forest Usage Survey.


In the two months the survey was on the Internet, 5599 people visited the site, and 2881 completed the survey. You were one of more than 1600 people who provided contact information and asked to be informed of the results, and what the Alberta forest industry will be doing with the answers you provided. To follow up on a message sent December 22, 2005 by survey managers Cambridge Strategies Inc., I'm emailing today to tell you what has been done so far, and what is planned for the coming months.


After the survey closed, Cambridge amassed all the survey data and began analysis. The AFPA was given a top-line, first-cut overview of key findings just before Christmas.


We expect a final report, with recommendations for action, to be delivered to the AFPA by late February. We will then meet with our member companies, to give them an understanding of the survey process and the many and diverse responses. As we complete these meetings, we will provide all of you, via email, the survey results and our industry's initial actions in response. We expect this will occur by the end of March.


In the meantime, I can let you know some of the preliminary survey results. By a large margin, three priorities came to the top, indicating that when it comes to forest-use issues, Albertans place the highest value on:

• Extensive replanting;

• Protection and conservation of wildlife and their habitat; and

• Selective harvesting methods.


Next, most of you agreed with the idea of an integrated land management approach for land use. Balance and coordination were words seen often in your comments. Others talked about stewardship, sustainability, integration, tradeoffs and care for the environment.


Finally, one thing has been made crystal clear in your responses: the forest industry needs to improve the way it communicates - how it talks and how it listens to Albertans. We've received that message loud and clear, and the AFPA will be forthright with you - and with all Albertans - about what the industry is doing, and where we are heading.


The AFPA is an association of forest products companies operating in the province. We represent their goals, objectives and values to Albertans, and in turn provide our membership with information on what Albertans say they want, and how the work we do can be better aligned with their multiple needs. As President of the AFPA, I commit that we will continue to share the results of this survey with you, and to communicate on issues as they arise. I ask for your continued participation in a dialogue about the future of our forest lands.



Rob Layton


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Copied below is the sentence from the summary that really got my attention:


"Finally, one thing has been made crystal clear in your responses: the forest industry needs to improve the way it communicates - how it talks and how it listens to Albertans. We've received that message loud and clear, and the AFPA will be forthright with you - and with all Albertans - about what the industry is doing, and where we are heading."


I sit on the local public advisory board as the TU representative and watched the Forest Company flounder on just how to do this. Newspaper articles, public information meetings etc. get little response.


Anyone have any ideas of how the "public" would like to be informed?






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