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Creek Around Edmonton with good Visbility?


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I am looking for a creek that with good visibility around Edmonton that has some fish in it. Doesn't matter what. Can be suckers, burbot whatever. If you know any please pass on the info and what kind of fish are in it. Directions are always helpful too.

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Other than the NSR you're pretty limited until spring.


The eastern slopes streams are closed now - so you're pretty limited to Pike at wabamun, a few stocked ponds, north Raven or Prairie creek.... that's most of it for an hour around Edmonton...

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North Raven aka Stauffer Creek - is a tributary to the Red Deer River (about 20 minutes from Sylvan Lake) - It's a Brown trout stream - that is just post spawn now - so it will be more challenging than ever. ;)


Prairie creek is 30 min from Rocky Mtn. House - a brown and brook stream.


Quite honestly - if you're just looking to hit water - you're best to target the NSR, or the Red Deer. As it is - the NSR is home to many species, Pike, Walleye, Sauger, Burbot, Whitefish, Goldeye, mooneye... and in your back yard. The Red Deer is home to whites, suckers, browns, pike, walleye, and runs clear almost year round.




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All frozen. Gotta wait till spring! James... you gonna pick up your RGS swap flies at NLFTF on November 23rd?


I'll bring 'em one more time.. then you gots to figure out how to get them from me (pick-up at my place?).


Ian -- I'll just deliver mine to you with swap flies in December. Less chance they'll get lost.


Be sure to bid the set up at Auction tonight. Not sure if I'll be able to make it or not. Got family coming up from Calgary to go visit my 83 year old Grams in the hospital today.

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so you're pretty limited to Pike at wabamun

Not this year... ;):(
How so?


Wabamun is most certainly open for fishing. There is no boating (or more appropriately - no use of Parkland county launches) and there is a hunting ban on migratory fowl. There are consumption advisories - however - fish and wildlife (Stony Plain SRD) has NOT closed fishing at Wabamun. I confirmed this on a call with them on November 2nd.


There has been some signage as I understand it - placed by the County of Parkland - indicating no use of the lake was permitted - including fishing - however, they aren't permitted to create 'regulations' on the lake.




Fish on!

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Nah - everything we've dug up assures the opposite. No postings by SRD, confirmation of open status by calling the area F&W folks - and calling RAP - it's all good.


Fishing today was HOT - and the 4lb White on a Pike Fly was a little amazing... ;)


Posted Image

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I was just assuming that the "no fishing" thing was legit...guess I was wrong.  With that being said, I heard a report of some good whites being caught last week.

Whom said it was closed?








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