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Happy Birthday RB

Michael Dell

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I noticed that also Micheal. Sent Lance an e-mail in the morning but it was his old @home address so it bounced.


Have fun RB, Brian and I will give you a toast when we are sitting at the fire on Cowichan Lake tonight. There is an invitational fishing derby all weekend. Don't much care for derbies but I'll spend one day in the pontoon searching for +6lb cutthroat around the creek mouths. The rest of the time will be on the Cowichan River for Rainbows and fresh run Coho and a few runs on Nixon & Shaw Creeks for medium sized Cutthroat.


Hopefully it doesn't rain so much that I can't get to use the digital.


:cheers: RB


Scott Rowan

Victoria, BC

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Hmmm, actually it's next week.. November 18th. Not sure how it got set to the 11th. I guess I put the month in the day field. Actually, my 83 year old Grandmothers was yesterday... I gotta go see her today. Tough to forget hers is on Rememberance Day.


But thanks anyways all! :D Yeah, should be some wings involved next week me thinks and a LAN party. Fire and cake fer sure.

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