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Muir Lake

Don Andersen

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Tim et al,


I've been there and appreciated what has been done by all the folks. To the fishermen/volunteers, my thanks. I have some knowledge of what a long haul doing things really are.


The question is what about the others:


Any addresses for the County or others who have supported the project. Got the letter writing itch. Need to send thank you notes to one and all. I'm nearly positive that "outsiders" rarely applaud their efforts - it's about time.







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Michael - It might be valuable to at least try to identify some of those organizations to the general public, to be able to show the work that people cannot see.


Since we live in a province that regularly places fishing opportunities for ready harvest - and does so without fanfare - we've been trained as a population to simply use the resource.


The concept of privately driven opportunities - Like Muir or Beaver (right?) are new. These lakes where groups like NLFT, OldTimers, EDMTrout, TUEdmonton etc work with provinicial, municipal, or private funding groups just get lumped into the alberta 'stocked pond' list.


People who are NOT familiar with the actual project at Muir Lake should consult the FESA-Website.




FESA may also be able to (and should) provide more information about the Municipal and Private partners to helped to create these opportunities..

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