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Red Green Swap Flies Delivery - Nov 2, 2005


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"Watch for the final episodes! The Red Green Show airs Fridays at 7pm."



I will be bringing in the following packages for NLFT'ers tonight. If you WON'T be there tonight let me know so I don't have to bring them with me, and/or arrange pickup later on.


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Local Swappers:


1) Pacres

2) Sparkie

3) Scratch

4) Snowolf & Daughter

5) IanB - won't be in. Will drop off with Grayling flies when due.

6) Dennis Southwick

7) Doc - will you be there or bring to demo night on Nov 30th?

8) Albert Al - Already got his.

9) Iceman (Hank Peters)

10) James

11) Mikey D - I know you'll be there tonight. =)


PLUS 1 Package for Charity Auction on November 12th. Looks like the events calendar on the main NLFT&F homepage needs updating (http://nlft.org/). No mention of that or the tying show on the 5th?



-----Original Message-----

From: Taylor, Lance

Sent: November 2, 2005 11:45 AM

To: 'Eli Robillard'

Cc: DavidCSmith

Subject: RE: Red Green Swap Flies On The Way - Confirmation No.




Thanks for the confirmation! Yeah, take lotsa pics for us, what happened to your digital?


Anyways, enjoy the show! Hope you can get on the Possum Lodge set at the end to recite the credo. =)


You and Bob have fun and thanks from all the swappers!




-----Original Message-----

From: Eli Robillard

Sent: November 2, 2005 11:40 AM

To: Taylor, Lance

Subject: RE: Red Green Swap Flies On The Way - Confirmation No.



They're in. I'll pick 'em up from the office in a bit. Will be going to the show with ex IWFFC Prez Bob Lundy. I think he wields a film camera, if so will pick up an extra roll on the way so we can develop asap. Will keep you posted!




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Working tonight but hope to be at the Runway by 9:00 or so.



I wasn't planning on hitting the Runway tonight - but I'll try to sneak in.


Oh yeah, I talked with Eli on the phone just now... he's missing his daughter's birthday to deliver the flies on set tonight. He's pretty impressed with the swap and receiving a set of flies.


He'll have a blast tonight! See you in a few hours!

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Well local swappers what did you think? Worth the effort / wait?


So you know, just got back from Runway 29 after having a few beers with the swappers (Pacres. Iceman, Scratch, Doc, SnowWolf, and Dave) when the phone call came in. It was Eli from Toronto whom told me Red had the flies in hand! Indeed he had a blast! I should get him to logon and give you the full trip report in person, but the details I got's to share with you now are as follows.


He and Bob showed up at the studio (the one that was sold out but David Smith (his son) got them tickets to get on to because of our little fly swap here). He laughed his bum off, probably weeped a bit like the rest of the audience (about 300 people) knowing FULL WELL that it was Red's last public taping.


Now, apparently the show is shot pretty much in the sequence it airs. In between they cut to video bits (Campfire Songs, Bill's Adventures and such) and at some point there David came up on the set and invited Eli and Bob down to make a special presentation to Steve. They got him back on the set and did the presentation in front of the studio audience.


Steve was pretty BLOWN AWAY by your efforts! Many pictures were taken (with studio equipment), and I suspect a few will make an appearance shortly. Eli also told me that a very special moment happened on Red's tying bench -- you know the one where he always seems to be tying up a fly but never finishes it. Well, I don't want to give it away.. but watch for the episode to air sometime in April 2006.


Yup, one helluva flyswap.. one for the history books is all I gotta say. Y'all did good!

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Red got his flies! You NLFT'ers that took part should be commended on a fine job! I know that Izzack Walton Fishers was mighty blown away by our efforts here.


Check out Flyangler.ca for more details and photos, and soon the patterns that were exchanged.


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