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Don Andersen

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Because of all the water that went over the dam this year the rent went way up.

We can't afford a whole season anymore, so will only rent for selected days.

We'll be budgeting carefully and may rent a few days before St Nick gets here.

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Yup, I don't think the Bobber Pool even exists anymore? Was planning to check it out soon though.


Video taken by Tony Blake of the flood waters below Dickson Dam this year. More Floodfest 2005 photos on my Flickr page.




Here's a panoramic I just put together from the video. The boat launch and dam are to the left edge (island near boat launch under water). Bobber pool to the right edge of the frame. From earlier reports by other NLFT'ers I've heard the river has changed dramatically.




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Dennis et al,


Was down there the other day. Quiet, without all you guys. Only Terry and I for nearly all day. Several others drove down and looked things over but didn't stick around. Started on the west side @ the parking lot and boat launch. River has changed some. Eroded the east bank a lot. A good slick there but couldn't wade across to it. Water was too deep. Had on a couple @ the south end of the flat before it goes around the corner.

Drove back over the dam and down to near the end of the road. Hiked down another 250 yards and fished back. Landed only one in an enlarged riffle that is there. Did see 2 other whites and one lonely pike. The pike wasn't interested in Terry's Clouser. All in all a cool day.

Will park on the north bank and walk down to Kure's land next time. The river down there looked OK from 1/2 mile away. Suspect that there will be little damage to the white's holding water.

As far as around the buoys - the buoys are parked on the bank. A good slick is right though where they were, the islands are in about the same places and haven't changed much. All in all, from what I saw, little changes here and there but not nearly so much as the "Holy poo - Look @ all that Water" might have suggested.


catch ya' next time.




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