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looking for advices on equipment


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I`m new in Canada coming from Belgium and I would like to fly fish (I fly fish 3 years in Belgium 10 years ago) but I have no equipment so far. I have a bunch of questions. As I don`t really know how all this work, I jsut ak a few of them :


Rod :


is St croix premier series a good choice to start here

Do you know yellowstone rod (from Wisconcin if not try ebay !!! they seem to have fancy and not pricy rods) ?

Has someone a second hand rod 9' 4 or 5 wt to sell ?


Reel :


Is a large arbor a better choice ?

What`are the most commun features for a trout reel ? aluminium ...

Please I need advices on what to buy


Thank you very much for your help :clap:


Jean-michel :cheers: the best beers are still in Belgium

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Welcome to the board.


Yes, St. Croix rods are good. Temple Fork rods are also good and also reasonably priced. I don't know Yellowstone rods.


I'm not convinced a large arbor reel is "better" I think it's just different. A regular reel works for me and the sort of fishing I do around here. There are lots of bargain reels out there for around $50 to $80 which will be fine for the casual angler. I have some and they work fine on small streams. If you are going after big fish where they can run long distances and take out your backing, then you might want a more expensive reel with a better drag system.


People may have different opinions about this, but if you are just starting I would recommend reasonably priced equipment at first, and then you can upgrade later if you want.



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Jean I will agree with Mike. St. Croix is a very good rod and also for the price the Temple Fork is hard to beat. I know several people that have them and won't use anything else.


For reels as Mike said there are lots of good inexpensive reels on the market. They all work.


Were you out to the club last Wed night. If good to see you on the Wed. See you Next Wed.


I hope this helps


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S.

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If the weather is nice, (the forecast is for a nice fall day)

and I can covince my wife she doesn't need me

I'll give you a call sometime Friday or Saturday to see if you want to go

fishing with me on Sunday.

Depending on weather and time available we have two choices.

1. Little Smoky River for Grayling (makes for a looooong day)

2. Muir Lake (for the last time before closing next weekend).

You won't need to rush out and get equipment as you can borrow some of mine.

But you will need a fishing licence.

If you're interested, send me a personal message,

or give me a call (my phone # is on the newwsletter)

Dave Robinson



I'm the guy who demonstrated on Wednesday


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Dave I'm giving serious thought for the Little Smokey for Sunday. If you are give me a shout. If I can get most of what needs to be done tomorrow I was going anyway. I've got a new camara I want to try out. Minolta Z6. 12power optical zoom.


Tight Lines always

Dennis S.

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I tried calling you Saturday.

but the number you gave me on Wednesday comes up as "not in service".

Dennis and I are headed out to the Little Smoky on Sunday

We're meeting at 6am at Denny's restaurant

(Gateway Boulevard and about 35th Avenue)

If you want to come along, just show up at the restaurant..

I'll be bringing a spare rod, reel and line anyway.

Dave R

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