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McLeod - Sundance - Embarras


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Well Guys


Yet another great day on the water this past Sunday. Rick L. and I hit the McLeod followed by the Sundance which was followed by a quick trip to the Embarass. The weather was a bit cool with the sun trying and actually breaking out a few times during the day.


Rick was the real winner yesterday catching a couple of Athabasca's and 3 Brookies. Me, well, I had casting practice...which means I caught a great big ZERO. Hey, can't be wine and roses every day. Actually, if the truth be told, Rick was saying how the last 3 outings he had gone fishless so I decided to hang back and let Rick do the catching. Ah, I tell fibs. Rick fished nymphs and I did not...I was just not ready to give up the drys but as all of you know that is a sure fire recipe on how NOT to catch fish. I should have gone deep. Rick went deep and seemed to be hauling them in left, right and centre.


We started our day on the McLeod..not much going on so we headed upstream on the Sundance. Sundance was high, a bit on the fast side and for the first time ever it had gone from its normal tea color to a greenish color. No fish rising...which should have been my clue to go deep but.... No fish were causght till we got to the area just below the highway and thats when Rick turned into a fishing machine. They all looked to be in the area of about 10 or so inches. Good size fish for this little stream. We broke for lunch at about 2 and then headed down to the Embarass. The river was looking darned good but try as we might no fish were caught but then again we were only there for about an hour.


All in all we had a great day on the water. Thanks for the company Rick. I'll try to post a picture of Rick with one of his beauties.




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