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wildest thing happen today


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I was racing my car at budpark today and we they had to shut down the races at 4pm because of a investation of bugs, they were sticking to the track and messing up your windshield u could hardly see there was droves of them, and u would never guess what they were............backswimmers..........i have never seen backswimmers like that and they were away from water....there must be a body of water close.........just another wild day i guess

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Hmmm..... <_<


Isn't that interesting. I guess I'll see a few guys on the water Monday? Think I'll hit Star for the day.


Cheers :cheers:


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You should have seen it out on the water. The boatmen were flying, swimming, dancing and making trout do all kinds of crazy things.


Hope the race went well after all - my arm is still sore from teaching trout not to bite imitations.





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