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Change of Plans


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Check previous post for info :o  :dr:

You mean this one?




If I still had Mod powers on this board I woulda rolled this topic into the other one. Guess I am still in purgatory or something.


At least provide a link to the other. :D No wait I just did that for you here.


Anyways, Carson is a fisherman's paradise at this time of year but doubly so.. Dolberg. No I wouldn't waste my time at Carson.

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Good call Lance...dolberg is alot better then Carson .....carson has been producing most fish in the 9 to 14 inch range and at least at dolberg u have a chance of catching alot bigger fish. If u r going to be staying at carson lake, i would fish emerald lake....i will be doing emerald on monday myself and October is brookieeeeeeeeeee month yahooooo

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Thanks for the info Guys ;) , I've wanted to fish Carson for quite a few years now ,so what the Heck :rolleyes: . But Iv'e not heard of Emerald lake and it's BROOKIEEEEEEEEEES, BUT ITS SOUNDS VERY TEMPTING , have to try it out , LOVE TO FISH :clap::fishing::fish_jump::beer: THANKS AGAIN

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