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Fishing this weekend


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I am giving serious thoughts of a day of fishing on the weekend. Like to give the Grayling another bash before freeze up. Likely looking at either Sun. or Mon depending what day we have the Bird. Have 3 choices Little Smokey, Freeman, or Mcleod. With the Mcloed & Freeman being the closesed. If there any interest talk to me tonight or just post. I could be talk out of these for a bash at Muir also.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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Come on down to Campbell River on Vancouver Island! The river is thick with Coho and Chinook. Beach casting has also produced good numbers of Northern Coho (most of them are in the mid-teens).


I've been meaning to post some reports, but haven't had the time since I moved down here (I've been too busy fishing after work 5 days per week!).


I saw your post from the land of Aus and geographic vicinity; seems like you had a great time. How is the fishery regulated over there? Is it well managed? Are there restrictions? Seasons? Limits? Et cetera.




PS - If you ever make it to the Island, drop me a line. rmm.

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The Aussies are about as regulated as we are here. They cover both the fresh and the salt chuck. Even breaking the salt into a few zones with different bag and size limits per species.


And man do I wish I could get away for a couple of days to join you......hmmm....nope can't do this weekend. It's my old mans birthday party this weekend.....but maybe next weekend..... :boat::boat::cheers::happybd:


I will post here if I can make it out.....by wednesday I would know.




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I think I will head into the edson area and if the fishing is not so great will head back & hit Muir for the evening. I will bring my Rubber Raft & electric motor. I have a Pu with reg cab can fit myself & 2 others if one is on the smallish side. Meet at the TIM HORTON on stoney plane rd and about 184st right by the new Wal Mart Meet about 7ish. or email me tonight.


Tight Lines always

Dennis S.

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