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Red Deer at Dickson


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Has anyone been to either the Dam or Gravel pit I am planning on heading there Thursday and if anyone has information they would like to share I would sure appreciate it.


Planning to nymph for Rockies with San Juan / Pheasnat Tail or Evil Weevil or Copper John's.


Maybe fish for Brown's later in the Evening


Thanks to all in Advance

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Was there late last week....water was high and visibility at the dam was about a foot. Fishing for browns and whitefish (rockies and lake) was POOR....lots of goldeye are now up around the dam though believe it or not!

Since then, they have opened up the spillway once again for a few days, although I see they have closed it again today.

In general fishing on the Red this year has been spotty to poor for browns and whites. High/extreme flows have changed things considerably...for example if you haven't been at the gravel pit yet this year, you will not recognize it! As a result the old reliable whitefish runs are not in the same places anymore...you will have to find new spots. I also suspect the high flows have done a number on the browns...even during the few good condition "windows" we've had this year, the browns have been scarce.

Not saying "don't go"...just don't expect stellar fishing...

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Thanks Flycaster,

goldeye near the Dam huh usually they are down around Drumheller this time of year. Anyway they can be interesting had alot of fun by Jofree Bridge a couple of summers back they love to slam Stimulators. I'll take anything after having been down on the Crow after September Long weekend Wednesday and Thursday were fine with a grat day on Michel Thursday Friday all hell broke loose and the streams were like Chocolate milk so we came home.


Anyway thanks again for the reply I'll be packing my Stimies tomorrow for sure.

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