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Adios Amigos

Terry H

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I was really hoping that I would be able to make it to the meeting tonight to say adios to all my friends at NLFT&F. However, today is "loading up the truck" day and we're moving down to the Crowsnest Pass on Thursday. We'll be living in our trailer for a few weeks until the house is ready to move into. I'm hoping this will give me a long awaited chance to finally do some fishing -- this summer has been crazy for me, and I regret having missed out on all the fishing trips that have been reported. Anyway, consider me as the southern outpost of NLFT&F, and I hope everyone from the club will look me up whenever you're down that way. In the meantime, I'll be watchin the board to keep track of what you're all up to.


It's been great being part of NLFT&F -- thanks. Terry

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Terry, we're gonna miss you around the coffee pot. Keep in touch on the board.. and YOU LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY BASS-TURD!


Make sure you lookup Vic Bergman and Rolf Schwabe in those parts. Yup, I can see the Southern Lights Chapter starting up very soon. ;)


Seriously, safe journey and... YOU LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY BASS-TURD!

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It has been my pleasure knowing you and hope that all goes well for you in the Crow. As RangerBob said " you luck b_ _ _ _ _ _ _"


Let us know when you have the sleeping quarters for the club set up eh " we'll behave..trust me..you won't even know we're there..trust me.


Sorry we'll miss you tonight.


Have fun - you will be missed. Full reports on the Crow will be expected and lots of pictures..if I can post them..anyone can.



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Good luck on the fishing ,I heard it was not very good!!!!!! I wish I was movin down south :( Tried to talk my wify into buying up some land a few years back. As you can see I'm still here <_ . we will sure try to find you down there in the streams src="http://nlft.org/forum/uploads/emoticons/default_ph34r.png" alt=":ph34r:">:fishing::thumbup: KEEP IN TOUCH and tight lines ..............


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Terry -


It's been a pleasure - and we'll absolutely look you up when we're in your neighborhood - and don't be a stranger - just because you live on flowing water now - we'll still answer the phone when you call!



Cheers - and happy fishing on the crowsnest...

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Terry sorry to see you go but to coin the phrase You lucky b-----d happy fishing & don't leave out the Castle. I will be down that way next yr for sure 2wk. end of aug expect some company for fishing.

Again great having you as a club member and you will be missed.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S. :fishing::fish_jump:


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