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United States Of Confusion


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I haven't seen anyone post yet, and I'm sure that more then a few have been glued to their sets over the past week on the happenings in the U.S. of Eh?


Check out these Satellite Photos of BEFORE and AFTER damage. Keep in mind while looking at them, the water is almost 6 feet high in the streets, and that not all of the houses have been checked for survivors yet.





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Just caught your Blog.. and I think you covered it all there VERY well! The letter by Michael Moore was awesome too. Nail on the head!


:: http://scratchley.com/


I'm proud to be an ALBERTA boy more then ever in my life indeed, and living above sea level!


:: http://www.albertacentennial.ca/ (Happy 100 indeed!)


PS - Also proud to be a Canadian. None more inspiring then TF. Yup, I bought my Terry Fox 25th Commemorative Orion Adidas shoes yesterday too. Did you? Probably too late.. sold out by now. What I bought instead of cigarettes this month with my points earned.


:: http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/stor...527/?hub=Canada

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