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Gas Prices


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What a rip off.


I just heard that gas prices will be going up tonight to approx. $1.20 to $1.30 per litre. I tried to fill up a hour ago and the lines up are 6 to 7 cars deep at every pump and one gas station near our home was sold right out.


We are, without, a doubt, getting ripped off. Hell, we make the stuff here...I can't recall the last time I saw a ship at the Port of Edmonton unloading crude on it's way to a refinery.


This for sure is going to affect the amount of times I'll be able to go fishing. Here is an example...my lst trip to the Edson area I used 57 litres which cost me about 57 dollars. If the prices hit, say 1.25 a litre, that same trip will now cost a little over 71 bucks.


This now brings a new meaning to the words " car pooling ". In a typical van, car pooling makes sense but try car pooling in a Jeep TJ where as soon as you put in your gear and stuff the most I can take is 1 person.


Makes me angry the way the oil companies have been ripping us off. I just heard on the news that the Gov. of Ontario has launced an investigation into why all of the stations in the Toronto area all shot up to the same price at the same time even though they've had inventory that is close to a week old.


Something has to be done.



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I always make sure my vote counts. When I bought my Jeep in 99 gas was between 39.9 and about 43 cents a litre. Sure would be nice if my take home would have risen by a similar amount.


Canadian's, as a whole, are just not vocal enough. When is enough going to be enough.


Let's make sure we all have locking gas caps.



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Remember Conservative Peter Lougheed - ex-premier of Alberta yapping on and on how Alberta needed world prices for oil. I was pissed when I got charged $ 20.00 for a $ 10.00 tank in 1980. Now I'm really pissed.

And, Oh, make your vote count next time!




You've got to be kidding. Lougheed at least had some vision for this province during the boom; started the Heritage Trust Fund and fought like hell to keep federal Liberal hands off, unsuccessfully (NEP). As far as making our vote count. What did you have in mind. The "tax the hell out of everybody so we can throw more money at Healthcare and Education" NDP or (federally) the morally and fiscally corrupt, do whatever it take to win, Liberals.



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Lougheed has a vision alright. Sell it all!! And the profits went over the border. Wasn't his brother-inlaw VP of Esso?


Suggest for some history you look @ the Borden Report where eastern Canada subsidized western oil production for a lot of years. West of Ottawa valley crude sold for $6.00 [west Canadian crude] - east of the valley for a $1.00[ mid-east crude]. Went on till parity was reached in the early 80's. Then prices started to climb fast. Lougheed screamed for world oil price. Now we got it - and I'm happy as a lark. Least in this case some of the profits are now staying in Canada. Unlike before the NEP - most oil was produced by the big 7 and the profits went over the border.

You just hqve to wonder when we see profiteering begin. Cost of oil sands production is $12.00/bbl. Selling price $80.00 CDN. Refining, transportation,taxes perhaps 30%. Price @ the pump /bbl = $ 190.00


Yupe - pleased as punch about world oil prices on a commodity that I've owned.

Royality is estimated @ 4.00/bbl.


And of course, Ralphie sold our share of Syncrude. Made money for the us - can't have that.



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