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Need hair?


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If anyone is interested in deer, moose, or elk hair, I may be able to get some for you rather cheap, or possibly free. If you want it tanned It'll cost you what ever it cost to get it tanned.... (whole deer is about $100.00) <--- head to toe including tail.... or portions if wanted.... If you dont want it tanned or want to do it your self, no charge.... I rather give it away then wasted it..... any way... let me know, Oh! and anyone looking for Goose, Duck, Grouse, or Pheasant feathers, capes, or wings, ect.... I'll have plenty of those to give away too.... You just gotta come pick them up for yourselves.... Later..

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well, if your looking for hair up there.... You could cut a nice piece of deer hair and make a head cover out of it.... stay warm and always have tying material nearby....never know when you may feel like tying up a goddard or something like that... maybe it may be kinda stylish.. you know kinda like the ol' racoon hat.... :rolleyes:

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