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Looking for some help. This past Sunday the group I was with brought out our FRS radio's in order to keep in touch while on different parts of the stream.


I had 2 Motorola's and Mike had two ( same brand but different models) and when we turned them on to test I could hear him on his radio but he could not hear me through mine. Tried the test on different channels ( 3 and 6 ) and the same results were had. I could communicate through my 2 units but not to Mike's.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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Do those radios have sub channels?

If so, one set might have been tuned to a different sub channel.

While the all the radios should transmit on the same main channel,

if your'e not tuned to the proper sub channel, your may not receive the transmission.

The purpose of the sub channels is to block out unwanted communnications on the main channel.

If the radios can scan channels, you should set them up to scan the main channel you are using and not just the specific sub channel.

You'll hear more chatter, but won't miss transmissions from your buddy

if he happens to tune the wrong sub channel.

Either that or ensure everyone in your party is tuned to the proper

main and sub channels.

The channels we use are 3 and 6 with the sub channel being 0 in either case.


However, if you did have them properly tuned, then there are only sa couple of posibilities

1. One set had bad batteries

2. One set has the wrong crystals and thus transmnits and receives on the wrong frequencies. This is not likely though.

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