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Pontoon boat question - waders v. wet


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I have a question regarding pontoon boats on rivers and lakes.


When you're floating do you wear waders, or do you wet wade in river pants or shorts.


The latter would obviously be safer if you end up in the drink for any reason.


What are your comments? Preferences?

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It depends on the weather for me, If its hot, I'll go in shorts or sweats. If its cooler I'll wear the lightwieghts or the neoprene waders. As for fins... Most always, Some times I like to move around abit as I fish... hard to hold on to a rod and row at the same time.... As you all know, hard to catch fish if the hooks not in the water...



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I don't have much experience with pontoon boats, but I always wear waders because I don't like wading wet. I wear fins on lakes to move around while fishing, ie., trolling slowly, changing direction, or keeping the boat straight in wind. I don't wear fins on rivers because they can get in the way if you have to walk the boat through shallow water.


I hope this helps.



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As long as you can pull those fins out - I cannot imagine wearing fins through some of the rocky rapids we rode - eh Michael - I would have had broken ankles for sure...


If you know the river, and the high and low spots - then fins shouldn't be a problem. If it's new water though - I'd go finless.


Waders? Always. You go in - you're wet.... with the waders and a belt - you'll have a little temperature protection, and abrasion resistance.

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The trick is to always let someone go ahead, that way if there is problems...ei large sharp rocks, sticks.... you'll know to aviod them...only problem with that though... is your always second to those good holes....

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