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AUG 26th to AUG 28th Silkstone


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I've got a tri-level foot pump that goes from low pressure highvolume to high pressure low volume. Also have a set of launching wheels..called, I think Happy Wheels. Mine was a 14 foot Fastroller that I installed some swivel seats with seat bases - going to sell them as well. I think I also have some various nicks and knacks. As to the Jeep...not sure what I'm going to replace it with yet. Still looking and thinking...does not really have to be a 4 wheel drive but has to have at least a good all wheel drive system and be able to tow a small tent trailer. Just not sure yet Dave. I'll send you off a PM on the weekend re: the Zodiac stuff and if your interested..we can go from there.




My Jeep TJ is a 1999 with, I believe, about 128,000 k. It's black with a tan interior. Options include air, tilt and cruise. Runs very, very well. It's been a real good unit but as I said earlier..in my advancing years I'm looking for a bit more comfort and a bit more room. As to the price I'm not sure yet - got to see what their going for these days and that will then give me a good idea as to what I should ask for. If you want I can shoot you off a PM once I've figured it out.



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Vince...Thanks, but thats ok...I'm looking for something a little older, Something a little more user friendly (something you dont need 4 years of Mechanics to know how to fix) I was looking for an earlly to mid 80's ...thanks anyway...



To the rest...sorry off topic

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DipperDan & Paul


I'm going to try to go fishing on Sunday if, and only if, I can get all of my work done. Got to make the Jeep real pretty - you know the usual wash, wax, touch up paint and a real good interior clean, new floor mats ...holy crap if I do that I may just have to keep it...ah just kidding. After I do all that I have to take stock of my boat stuff that I'm going to put up for sale and a few fly fishing items as well.


The plan for Sunday, if I can, is to try the Edson River again - I need to give it another try plus there's another stream about 10 k away that needs a try.


You guys have fun eh and full report with pictures expected.



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